Tickets: Mike Gering & Tina - cell (509) 290-0465 & (509) 220-3433
For Brown Paper Tickets:
Currently not available!

Lions Club RV Parking: Tim Smith

Combines: Mike Doyle - cell (509) 650-7156

Trucks: Grant Miller - cell (509) 660-0145

Pickups & Cars: Eric Lund - cell (509) 989-2878

Coaster Cars: Steve Schofstoll - (509) 659-1153

Grand Parade: Lind Chamber of Commerce

Kiddie Parade: Kindra Haase - cell (509) 428-9496

BBQ in City Park: Hungry Hound BBQ, Cody Kulm?

Is there an ATM in Lind?

Yes, an ATM will be available during the 2018 Derby. It will be located at the Cook Shack at the arena

Where can we park an RV?

There is an expanded grass RV parking area at the Arena and adjacent to the arena for self-contained units.
Weekend passes available for Motor Homes...prices detailed above, in 2nd Q&A. Tent camping is also allowed at this area.
As we suggest above, get your reservation in early as spaces go fast during the week of the derbies!

Note: ONLY SERVICE DOGS are allowed inside the gates or in the arena/bleacher area. Your service dogs, (dogs/cats)
must be on a leash and/or tethered with your RV or car. They are NOT allowed anywhere inside the gates or in the arena/bleacher area!

If you require sewer/electrical hookup, please call 509-855-6564 or 509-855-6567, limited availability in the local RV park.

Are there motel accommodations?
There are hotel/motel accomodations in Ritzville

What about food establishments?

Slim's Bar & Grill in downtown Lind, offers a derby menu and spirits. Jim's Market offers deli foods.
You've never tasted a REAL hamburger until you've had one at the Lind Cook Shack. Also, food available at the FFA booth, plus refreshing sno-cones, all at the arena

Are there restrooms at the Arena?

Yes, portables

A question Derby related and not covered...

Contact Carol Kelly at 509-677-3628

A question related to Chamber?

Call 509 557-3757 (please leave a message)

What are the costs of the BBQ?

$10.00 per plate

Is there a BBQ following the Parades in the Lind City Park?