Our farmers have had an interesting "trip" in their agricultural journey. It isn't always easy for them as their
livelihood depends on the success and timing of many obstacles. First and foremost, the farmer is at the mercy of the weather, always causing concern. Is it time for seeding? Will it rain in time to seed? Will it rain too soon after seeding? Or generally in this area we often hear, "When is it going to rain?"
And of course, winter weather plays an important role in the crop's survival.

The Spring of 2011 was perfect with record rainfall in and around the area. Amazing what God's rain can do and for so many different things. Trees were green, lawns were lush with beautiful flowers, pastures provided plenty of grass for animals, and the weeds had a record breaking growth. Even the sagebrush was green! Fortunately, our farmers were blessed with lots of it, and many of that year's crops produced higher than average yields. 2015 was a different story. Lack of moisture and heavy frost did a lot of damage to this year's crops. Can't fool Mother Nature, for sure!